San Jose, Costa Rica’s Technological City Soon to Become a Reality

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The financial services firm, Encore Capital Group, will become the first multinational company to open its operations very close to what will be San Jose’s Technological City, as part of the Special Zone for Economic Growth, promoted by San Jose’s Municipality. It will relocate its operations to Yaohan’s old building, by next November.

Encore is part of the Municipality’s initiative to promote the capital’s potential, reconverting it socially and economically, contributing to strengthen the city with the attraction of new investments in the technological, financial and services sectors.

Amene Ayub, General Manager of Encore said: “We bet on a future and a city where life and work can converge. We are a company that trust in sustainability, where our employees will benefit of the bicycle lane o use the train or bus as means of transport. They may also use La Sabana park as a recreation zone, thanks to its excellent location.”

The Municipality of San José looks forward to repopulating the city through a new paradigm of mobility that includes the construction of a tram and the economic reconversion based on the innovation, to convert San José more a destination than a transition place.

San José’s Mayor, Johnny Araya Monge, said: “This is one the of the first examples of a high-added value company in the financial services, that based on a new paradigm of the city, values human interaction as well as the sustainable mobility, since it decided to invest in the capital to locate its facility in a centric area, which not only attracts more investment, it also generates more employment and, consequently, social and economic progress for all citizens.”

Currently, the company is in Lagunilla, Heredia, and it expects to start its relocation process within the following months.

Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, commented: “our organization has collaborated with San Jose’s Municipality in the Technological City, which will offer the required infrastructure for many multinational companies to develop their operations in the capital’s core. The excellent connectivity conditions, the proximity to the working area for the collaborators, and the multiple access routes available for the services center, enabled Encore to identify a clear potential to consolidate its operation even more.”

Encore will install in the city under the free zone regimen with a 3.800 m2 area, transforming the old Yaohan building to become a modern place and offer the latest in technology for the company’s operations.

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