San Jose Municipality Workers Will Return to Work After Agreement with Mayor

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Johnny Araya, mayor of the San Jose Municipality negotiated and reached an agreement with striking workers and these will immediately return to their jobs.

According to the document signed by the Mayor and representatives of the National Union of Workers (UNT) strikers will return to their work in order to reestablish the services offered by the Municipality and in exchange they will have permission to participate in “national actions” related to the fiscal project in the event there are, also the Municipality agreed not to open disciplinary processes or deduct the salaries of the employees that have been on strike since September 10; this with the exception of the acts that took place in front of the Municipality facilities during the first day of the strike that involved the blockage of the train, actions that are deemed illegal.

“Once the public services are reestablished, this municipality will send a copy of this document to the labor court in which the legality of the process is being evaluated, this in order for the judge to take it into consideration”, states the agreement.

Services at the Municipality are expected to go back to normal this Tuesday, October 2, after 22 days of strike.

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