Seven People Arrested in Connection to Murder of Tamarindo Expat Barry Lawson

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The case dates back to April 2015, when US expat Barry Lawson -74 years old- was brutally beaten during a robbery and died at the hospital some days later.

Now, more than three years after this crime, the Costa Rican authorities arrested seven people in connection to this heinous crime, a man of last names Renderos Bolaños and his three sons of last names Renderos Sánchez, as well as a woman of surname Merlo Alvarez who worked as a maid at the house and hotel of the foreign couple, and two other men with the last names Cabrera Rosales and Gonzalez Rodriguez.

According to the investigations conducted by the Judiciary Investigative Police (OIJ) the maid Melo Alvarez passed on information about the foreign couple’s schedule and activities in order to help plan the best time for the robbery, Melo was aware that the Lawson’s had received a donation of $32,000.00 USD destined for their Association Amigos de la Educación

The Judiciary Investigative Police conducted seven searches this morning in Tamarindo, Guanacaste and in Aserri, Paso Ancho and Hatillo in San Jose, and managed the arrest all suspects.

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