Several Government Websites in Costa Rica Were Hacked

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The Costa Rican government confirmed this Monday morning that several of their websites were hacked in an attack that apparently started on Sunday.

All sites hacked have the extension and the total number of pages affected has not yet been confirmed. Some of the websites are already reestablished and working normally while others such as the pages of the municipalities of Puntarenas, Matina and Corredores remain offline.

The homepages of the different websites showed messages on the wall such as: “Hacked by Pak Monster” or “Pwned!”. Pak Monster is the name of a Pakistani group that in the past has been associated with the hacking of portals of other public institutions’ websites around the world.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunication (Micitt), Luis Adrian Salazar, commented that they are analyzing the impact of the situation to find out what happened and the best way to proceed. Salazar has also been coordinating with the Minister of Security, the Judiciary Investigative Police (OIJ), and the executive presidency of the Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE) and NIC CR which is the domain registrar.

“In virtue of the necessity of strengthening our proactive capacity and reactivating the cyber security topic, we will take coordinated measures to strengthen the protocols and inter-institutional response capacities for future similar situations”, concluded Salazar.

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