Smart Bike Rental System Could Soon Operate in Costa Rica

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The company SGSV presented its proposal of a smart bike rental system for Costa Rica in the last Smart City Congress that was organized by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute; the system, that currently operates in more than 35 cities in the world, would take advantage of the existing bike lanes that exist in different parts of the country and would facilitate urban mobility by connecting with bus stops and train stations.

Using the bicycle as a form of transportation is something the Governments in Costa Rica have been promoting for some years as an environmentally friendly transportation option as well as a healthy practice.

André Bermúdez, spokesman for SGSV, explained in an interview with Teletica “The idea is that people in the metropolitan area can reach bus stops, train stations, parks, hospitals, through an alternative form of transportation as is the case of bikes. In Costa Rica the monthly membership could have an approximate cost of 3 to 4 thousand colones ($5-$7 USD) giving users the right to an unlimited use of the system”.

According to SGSV everything will be handled through an App and the system will allow weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rental options, the bike can be picked up at one location and turned in at another point.

The San Jose Municipality is currently analyzing this proposal and the company has also presented it to Municipalities in other counties as are Liberia, Puntarenas, Limon and San Carlos.

SGSV plans to start in San Jose with close to 40 public stations in areas such as parks and universities.

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