20% of the Social Security Workers in Costa Rica go on Strike

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As of noon Friday, the Social Security Service (CCSS) had been forced to suspend 57,536 patient appointments after almost a week of strike which affected over 39% of public health appointments.

Close to 20% of the employees are taking part of the strike, which mainly include nurses, support personnel, and personnel in the area of health technologies; also 578 general medical doctors and 408 specialists.

The strike has also caused the cancellation of 1,209 surgeries and 17,616 procedures.

Strikers are demanding that the Government issues a decree that repeals the previous two decrees published back in May and July which change the way salary pluses are being calculated, going from percentages to fixed amounts.

Changes in the salary pluses does not affect the employees’ current salary but it will affect their raises in the future. The intention of the decision taken by the government is to put a stop the exponential growth of the salaries and the costs these represent for the government.

Meanwhile, President Carlos Alvarado has been emphatic in saying that “What is Law is Law and must be respected”.

Authorities of the Social Security Service continue to urge users to show up to scheduled appointments.

After hours of dialogue on Friday and Saturday, labor union representatives and authorities of CCSS were unable to reach an agreement.

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