Striking Employees of the Public Education Sector Will Maintain Their Protest

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Even though the fiscal plan was approved in first debate by the Legislative Assembly and even though other labor unions such as those of the health sector chose to put an end to their strike, the labor unions of the education sector affirmed they will maintain their protest.

“This is just the first battle; we have fought strongly. We have 22 deputies that said no to the project and 35 that voted for a fiscal plan that is not popular” stated Mélida Cedeño from APSE

Cedeño also stated that parents should not be concerned since “teachers and professors have always been responsible” and continued on to say that they will make an “adaptation” to the curriculum.

So far, public schools have missed four weeks of class, in addition, many students that receive their lunch at school have also missed out on this service.

Other labor unions have also stated they will maintain the strike, among them workers from the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (even though the Government affirms that many of them have resumed their jobs), and also the workers of the state refinery (Recope).

The National Association of Educators called on protesters to gather at the Plaza de la Justicia at 9 a.m. on Monday and to continue their regional manifestations.

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