Tamarindo Art Wave 2017 – Enjoy art in This Costa Rica Beach Town Nov.29 – Dec 3

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The Tamarindo Art Wave Festival 2017 is the result of the hard work and passion of a group of art lovers in this beautiful and inspirational beach town of Costa Rica.

A group of artists formed the Tamarindo Arts Foundation, a non-profit, non-government-organization that doesn’t just put together this artistic display but that also plans to create the Tamarindo Arts Academy in the near future.

The foundation celebrated its first anniversary back in March with an impressive art exhibit .

From November 29th through December 3rd the Tamarindo Art Wave Edition 2017 En-light “will merge creative energy with technology to stage a groundbreaking world premier exclusive”, reads the webpage; this event will take place at the Art Wave’s Blue Line and visitors will be able to enjoy art exhibits, live art performances, live concerts, workshops and more.

The main attraction of the event is called “La Obra” a huge art piece shaped like a fish, colorful and made of found objects and scrap building materials such as cables, wood, roofing materials and glass.

Live concerts will feature Costa Rican renown artists Debi Nova and Manuel Obregón among others who will be performing in the “Swell Stage” where contemporary and folk dances will also take plce.

Other activities will include Virtual 3D sculptures, young artist’s competition, the opportunity to share with artists; a gastronomy event that brings together food and art with twenty participating chefs; art exhibit of course and a surprise event titled the Blue Experiment.

Tamarindo Arts Foundation is always looking for volunteers and donations, if you want to contribute, visit tamarindoartwave.com/quierotaw2017/

Save the date and enjoy art while having the time of your life in the wonderful town of Tamarindo.

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