The Beach Town of Jaco In Costa Rica Takes Steps To Attract More Visitors

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The Sustainable Tourism and Commerce Chamber of the Central Pacific (CATUCOSO) was created with the purpose of reactivating the economy and tourism of the Puntarenas province by launching campaigns that promote the visitation of this area of Costa Rica.

Jaco in Garabito is probably the most popular and visited tourist area of the Central Pacific, the community depends on tourism, however, in the last few years there’s been a decline in the number of visitors, mainly because other destinations have taken relevance and also because of the existence of certain prejudices and reputation that has surrounded this community, among them, insecurity and its association with sexual tourism.

The Tourism Chamber has worked during the past five months in promoting initiatives to improve the current situation, “Garabito is much more than a county of beaches and bars. Our city is working every day on improving in every aspect, and for this we have gathered in this Chamber that now makes an effort to show all the benefits of the county as a destination through different projects”, explained Juan Carlos Chavez, President of CATUCOSO.

One of the projects promoted by CATUCOSO is the campaign “Reclaiming our Streets”, which establishes mechanisms in coordination with the Police to allow for a safer county. In the first months new surveillance towers have been set up and they are working on the installation of security cameras for 24/7 monitoring.

Other initiatives seek to eradicate violence and promote culture, art, music and the protection of the environment through the organization of cultural activities in the area. Through the campaign “I care for Jaco” , new garbage cans are being installed and trees have been planted.

“We are working hard in campaigns to protect the environment, such as “Plastic Free County” , an initiative that we are promoting among partners for the reduction of single use plastic; encouraging the use of reusable bags, educating through recycling workshops, and reusing of tires, to name a few actions”, commented Chavez.

When it comes to infrastructure, the Chamber is proposing the construction of a bike lane and a boulevard by the beach area; the Chamber hopes to receive the support of locals and foreigners to reactivate the county.

“The strategic alliances with communities, the Municipality and the Major, have allowed us to present these projects with the hopes of finding solutions to the problems we face as a county. We live off tourism, we are aware that we have to work in order not maintain our main source of work and for this we are committed to making a more beautiful, clean and safe county, so that those who visit us feel that Jaco is a community to fall in love with”, concluded Chavez.

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