Paving Paradise: Monteverde, Costa Rica’s $10.8M Road Project Starts

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The President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solis, and now-resigned Minister of Public Works and Transport (MOPT), Carlos Villalta, together with the Executive Director of the National Roadways Council (CONAVI), German Valverde, last week carried out an inspection of National Route N606, the road linking the Inter-American Highway with Monteverde.

The windy, bumpy 17.5 kilometer stretch is at long last to be transformed into a modern, asphalted road, said the officials.

CONAVI will invest ₡6.2 billion colones (an estimated US$10.8 million) into the infrastructure project which will include the road design, special “geotechnical solutions” at some 23 points identified along the road, and asphalting, said the MOPT.

The design work will be completed in a lapse of about three months, and the asphalting of the route is projected to be completed in September 2018, said a press statement by the MOPT.

The project will provide a huge upgrade in access to this world-renowned cloud forest site, home of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and will benefit residents in the communities of Santa Elena, Monteverde, Los Llanos, La Guaria, and Lindora.

Officials said that while the special interventions are under taken in of areas with geotechnical problems, and prior to the asphalting of the route, CONAVI will ensure an adequate maintenance of the gravel road  to ensure its uninterrupted usage, given its importance for tourism and also agricultural, especially dairy, production.

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