The Body of US Expat and Sportsbook Owner “5Dimes Tony” Found in Costa Rica

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UPDATED: January 12th 2019

William Sean Creighton, a 43-year old American known as one of the three most important sportsbook operators in Costa Rica, disappeared on September 24th at about 10:00PM, as he was leaving work. His wife, a Tica, reported him missing the following day, and the Costa Rican police began investigating the case as a possible kidnapping for ransom. The OIJ, however, reported that no one had received a request for payment of ransom, and declined further comment. (This is the same story that the families attorney gave to The Costa Rica Star as of October 25th)

At the time of his disappearance, Creighton was driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and had no bodyguards accompanying him. He was apparently forced off the road, abducted at gunpoint, and his Porsche was found abandoned, crashed into the gate of a private property near Guapiles.

Diario Extra reported that Creighton was abducted by four men, two on a motorcycle, and two in a BMW, and taken via taxi to another location as a kidnapping.

Creighton’s wife allegedly received a ransom phone call on the night of the 24th, asking for a $750,000 ransom payment, to be paid in bitcoin (virtual currency), and sent to a Cuban bank. Some sources reported the actual sum was $1 million. (Proof of this can be read here)

Diario Extra reported that Creighton’s wife and family agreed to pay, and transferred the money to Cuba on the night of September 24. (Diario Extras report contradicted all of the information that the OIJ and the family was transmitting to The Costa Rica Star)

Creighton’s family had immediately hired two former FBI agents to help locate him, and assist in his return to his family and to his business. Those FBI agents apparently were involved in a kerfuffle with the OIJ after purchasing firearms in Costa Rica without OIJ’s approval. Nonetheless, the former FBI agents were very instrumental in getting to the bottom of the abduction and ransom of William Sean Creighton.

Today Creighton’s body was allegedly found, and as per our sources the strong suspicion is that he was a victim of a kidnap- for- hire scheme hatched by someone very close to him. Cause of death is yet to be established. Creighton’s wife allegedly had the ransom money wired to a family member of hers, reportedly the lesser $750,000 request.
The OIJ will be investigating further, and report their conclusions in the coming week. Fellow sportsbook operation owners in Costa Rica have expressed their sadness and regret at Creighton’s tragic death.

*** Despite our best efforts with this very sad and confusing case The Costa Rica Star has NOT yet received any confirmation from a public official that Creighton’s body has been found and identified***

On Januray 11th 2019 10 people were arrested in Costa Rica and one in Spain in connection with Creighton’s dissapearance. The Judiciary Police (OIJ) are still investigating.

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