Father and His Two Sons Were Shot and Killed as They Attempted a Robbery in Coronado Costa Rica

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A security guard of a shopping center in Coronado, San José, Costa Rica shot and killed three men as they attempted to rob a couple that was going to make a bank deposit.

According to the Ministry of Public Security the suspects arrived on a motorcycle to the Paseo Nuevo shopping center in Vásquez de Coronado, their target was a couple that was carrying cash to make a deposit at the BAC bank branch. The security guard noticed their suspicious behavior and when the thieves went into action to commit the robbery the security guard reacted shooting back and killing two of the men immediately while the third one was wounded and taken to the hospital but died shortly after.
The targeted victim was also wounded but reported stable, while the security guard also had to be transferred to the hospital.

The three men were identified as Carlos Roberto Quesada Ramírez, age 46, Daniel Quesada Fuentes, 21-years-old and Jessie Quesada Fuentes, age 29; a father and his two sons.

The couple targeted were carrying almost $50 thousand.

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