VIDEO: Costa Rican Tourism, Postpone Don’t Cancel

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Video Credit and thanks to Adam Baker and Namu Travel Group.

***Repost from the President of Costa Rica***

We all know that small businesses, restaurants, workers in the service industry, etc. have been affected economically by covid-19.

The entire travel industry; airlines, hotels, tour companies, travel agencies, entire countries, and everyone in between were immediately impacted by covid-19 as well.

If you had plans to travel this year, domestically or internationally and you still have your job, I urge you to request to postpone your plans rather than cancel.

You will be happy to have a vacation once this is all over.

If you don’t have plans to travel and wish to travel I’d love to help you plan a trip! I can only offer Costa Rica but it’s a pretty amazing country.#postponedontcancel







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