Why Atenas is a Great Option for Expats in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica ranks every year among the top destinations to retire to, and hundreds of foreigners choose to relocate to this country for many reasons other than retirement, some are looking to escape the cold winter that affects their home country, others simply come to visit and fall in love with the Pura Vida of the country.

The fact that many choose Costa Rica as their new home is not a fluke, this small country has a lot to offer. It is probably safe to say that a big majority of the people that move here decide to settle in a coastal community, after all, beaches are one of Costa Rica´s biggest attractions; however, there are many others that cannot deal with the hot weather and prefer living in other areas of the country were the temperature is kinder; the county of Atenas, in Alajuela, is a great options for expats.

Atenas is just a 40 minute drive from San José; this small town is surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations; its mesmerizing views, fantastic weather and friendly people are some of the reasons foreigners decide to settle in Atenas, but let me elaborate on this:

Best Weather in the World: Yes, believe it or not, Atenas was named as the city with ¨the best weather in the world¨ by NatGeo, the daily temperature here ranges from 60 to 85°F. These temperatures, the altitude and type of soil are ideal for coffee and sugar cane plantations. Warm mornings and fresh afternoons year round are part of what expats love about this town.

Expat Community: The expat community in Atenas is estimated in over 1500 foreign residents from US, Canada and Europe. In the past years real estate developments in the area have become popular among foreigners.

Cost of Living: In general the cost of living in Costa Rica is considerably lower in most aspects in comparison to the United States, Canada and Europe. In Atenas, as is the case in most of this country, fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased at very low prices in the local farmers market; the community also offers all basic services as well as a variety of commercial options, shops, restaurants, gyms, hotels, among others. Buying real estate in Atenas is also much cheaper than purchasing land in other popular Costa Rican communities such as Santa Ana, Escazú or Curridabat.

People in Costa Rica are generally friendly, and Atenas provides the sense of living in a charming small community where everyone is at the same time approachable and respectful of privacy. It also offers all the conveniences of living in the city but with the charm and beauty of the rural areas.

If you are ready to move to Costa Rica by yourself or with your whole family, you will need some help with your relocation to ensure that the process is easy and stress free, make sure you find a reliable and experienced team to walk you through the entire process, Immigration Experts for instance, is a law firm with years of experience in all aspects regarding relocation needs, and can provide you with the legal advice you require regarding Visas, residency procedures, real estate, business establishment, etc.
Relocating to paradise is simple if you follow the right procedure.


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