La Senda Wellness Center – World’s Largest Labyrinth in Costa Rica

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Much more than just a Labyrinth , La Senda is located in Santa Rosa de Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, just 20 minutes away from Tamarindo, and close to an indigenous sanctuary and created over several energy points, it is said to be one of the biggest in the world, extending over 2 ½ acres and with a path almost 2 miles long it took 6 years to complete it, and it has more than four thousand cactus.

An expert in energy work, Sergio Salas was in charge of creating the labyrinth around two opposite energy centers found in the middle of the forest and the design was implemented by architect Ronald Esquivel.

As explained in their website, the difference between a maze and a labyrinth is that the maze has multiple choices of path and direction, different entrances, exits and dead ends; while the labyrinth has only a single path which leads to the center and back out the same way, with only one entry and exit point, in this case, the entrance is in the North and the exit in the South, La Senda symbolizes life’s journey and it has 14 layers (2x 7 += 2 complete musical scales).

La Senda is considered a wellness center, a magical place that provides a secluded and quiet environment, a perfect place to get in touch with your inner spirit. Walking the labyrinth takes about one hour and the energy charged zone will provide a unique and memorable experience. The property also has a farm, and offers other activities such as horseback riding, canopy and Tarzan swing. Visitors can also enjoy delicious meals prepared with organic ingredients grown in the farm.

La Senda is available for private events.

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