American Tourist Trapped in Swimming Hole Was Rescued by Costa Rican Police

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A North American man was rescued by Costa Rican Tourist Police Officers when they found him trapped in a swimming hole in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

A group of officers were patrolling the area of Poza El Salto in La Fortuna as part of their routine operations to offer more safety in areas commonly visited by tourists; they saw a vehicle parked in a lonely area and therefore decided to stop to check on the situation and offer safety tips about living the car unattended, but as they walked in the area they heard a voice calling for help.

“Help, help me, help me please!” , when the officers reached the swimming hole they found a tourist trapped, exhausted and frightened, the foreigner had been asking for help for hours. Officers proceeded to rescue him, the man had no injuries and therefore there was no need to call for medical care.

Poza El Salto is a very visited spot mainly by national tourists, the scenic beauty with waterfall included, surrounding nature and the fact that it is completely free, attracts many, but the area close to the waterfall can be dangerous specially when rain has been falling in the area.

Tourist Police insists on the importance for national and foreign tourists of following basic safety precautions:

-Do not live your personal/valuable items at plain sight and unattended
-Do not swim in areas marked as dangerous due to rip currents
-Visit tourist sites in groups
-Do not swim in rivers and swimming holes alone and after heavy rainfall
-Attend warning signs

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