Authorities in Costa Rica warn of Illegal tours to the peak of Arenal Volcano

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Tour operators from the area of La Fortuna in San Carlos, are offering guided tours to the peak of the Arenal volcano without authorization from tourism authorities.

The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) has warned tourists and the general population that tours to the peak of the volcano are not permitted since it is considered dangerous.

Administrators of the National Park confirm that they have detected the non-fulfillment of the entrance dispositions, since people and tourism companies are promoting the visit to the main peak.

According to SINAC, this area has no trails, which makes it unsafe; it is also prone to landslides.

“The volcano or Cerro Chato, is in an area of absolute protection, it does not have appropriate trails, the land presents steep slopes which present erosion and the constant presence of visitors and the rainfall causes further damage. On the other hand, there is no proper infrastructure or basic services and therefore this area is not officially open to visitation”, informed SINAC.

Volcanologist Eliécer Duarte confirmed that the hike alone takes 4 hours through a very hostile terrain, there are big rocks that also present a danger and near the peak the temperature gets extremely high.

The only authorized accesses are through the “Coladas” and “Península” sectors which give tourists access to the different natural trail and basic services.

Any person that is surprised in the restricted areas without authorization from the park administration, will be expelled immediately by park rangers, police authorities or SINAC officials.

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