Coriport, Concessionaire of the Liberia Airport Offers to Take Total Control of Airport

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Coriport the current concessionaire of the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia is looking to take complete control of the airport and is offering to cover the repair and work that the airstrip requires.

Coriport’s has the concession contract since 2010 and is looking to convince the Technical Council of Civil Aviation (CETAC) to approve the extension of the contract. Under the current contract the company was obligated to invest US$35 million in a 20 year term.

The concessionaire is now proposing to take over the repairs to the airstrip and the construction of a road for planes to prepare for takeoff, parking spaces for the airplanes and new drain systems, among others. Cetac estimates that the repairs to the airstrip could have a cost of close to US $100 million.

In April this year the improvements and remodeling of the Liberia Airport were announced; this involved the addition of 4,118 square meters (44,326 square feet), including new boarding gates, an addition to the lobby, six new stores in the commercial area, six new counters, a VIP room and a third baggage carousel. The remodeling should increase the capacity of the Liberia Airport, enabling the attention of at least 300 thousand more passengers, going from a total 1.1 million passengers (entering and leaving) in average yearly, to 1.4 million.

The proposal was presented and is now up to the Comptroller General of the Republic to decide if the addendum to the concession contract is authorized.

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