Costa Rican Government Will use All Legal Resources to Recover Losses Resulting From Labor Strike

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The Costa Rican Government assures that they will use any and all legal actions to compensate and recover the losses and damages caused by public employees that participated in the labor strike in those institutions in which the movement was declared illegal. The labor strike that began back on September 10 is maintained today mostly by the education sector.

“We respect judicial decisions, but the Government considers that it is its responsibility and obligation to resort to all legal mechanism that allow the compensation and recovery of the damages caused and the salaries that were received without providing the corresponding service”, commented the Minister of Presidency, Rodolfo Piza, and he added “we will go to the last consequences to reach this objective”.

Juan Alfaro, Vice-Minister of Work, also mentioned that there is a general discomfort in the population with relation to the unfairness of paying salaries to people that did not work. “Its also about making all efforts possible to recover the trust of the citizens with their institutions”, he mentioned.

50% of Students in public schools and high schools lost important and irrecoverable time and caused great problems for the Ministry of Public Education in the closure of the school year; the Ministry even had to request the help of volunteers to keep watch over students during the upcoming bachillerato tests which are a requirement to graduate high school.

The Ministry of Public Education paid close to $151 million in salaries to teachers and personnel that have not been working.

Edgar Mora, Minister of Education (MEP), affirmed that a total 556 employees of the Ministry of Public Education that were supposedly on strike protesting the fiscal plan, took advantage of the situation and traveled out of the country on vacation

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