Costa Rica’s Third Art City Tour of the Year Takes San José this May 10

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The Art City Tours in Costa Rica continue to gain popularity, these events started out in February of 2010 and adds already 44 editions; this May 10 will be the third edition this year, titled “Chepe de Moda” (“Chepe In-StyleChepe is how locals refer to the city of San José).

Wide cultural offers invite nationals and foreigners to learn more about the art and culture of San José, a city often overlooked because it is usually plagued with traffic and contamination; however, museums, galleries, cultural centers, architectural and historical jewels are hidden at plain sight, and this is what the Art City Tours intend to show us.

According to the organizers of the event, 79 thousand people have attended since 2010; if you are one of those that have not experienced an Art City Tour yet, it is a wonderful experience, guided night tours can be enjoyed aboard a bus, by bike or by foot and the best part is: for FREE.

There are usually five different routes to choose from, each sponsored by a different company. The sites visited change depending on the route, for this edition there are 20 in total, which include, the National Gallery, the Costa Rican Art Museum, Alianza Francesa, La Casona Iluminada, Calderón Guardia Museum, Casa Canibal (Gallery), and many more.

The bus tours begin at 5 p.m. and leave from different points, although access if free, it is better to register ahead of time since there is usually a big demand. The bus tours operate until 8:45 p.m.

The bike tour is organized by local tour company Chepecletas, and goes out at 7 p.m. from Parque España.

Just like last year, the Art City Tours will be organized every two months. The next edition will take place July 12 and the theme is “Vacaciones en Chepe” (Vacation in Chepe).

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