Dancing With The Devil in Costa Rica: Chili-Guaro Recipe

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Chili Guaro Costa Rica Drink RecipeOnce in awhile there comes along a drink recipe that is so abstract and unique, you ask yourself why in the world am I drinking this? This is definitely one of those times.

Everyone has heard of Cacique Guaro, Costa Rica’s most well known hard liquor. But fewer have heard or tried the following drink recipe. We must warn you that these shots go down very smooth and you can drink them quickly due to the ingredient mixture so make sure to drink them with friends and family you trust. Ask the locals around your area of Costa Rica about Chili-Guaro, it is very well known and famous.

What you need:

-1 bottle of Cacique Guaro (we recommend the superior black bottle version for the smoothest flavours)
-20 rip mandarina limes, not the little green ones, but the bigger ones that look like oranges
-1 bottle of very hot sauce (small bottle), you can use your creativity here and utilize Tabasco or another local source
-1 large bowl for mixing the beverage properly, with a lip that allows pouring into glasses


-Get a bowl and add the entire bottle of Cacique Guaro to it
-Then massage and squeeze the limes to get maximum juice from them, add all of the lime juice to the bowl with the Cacique Guaro
-Dump in the bottle of hot sauce, all of it
-Now gently stir the bowl until all of the ingredients go together and it looks bloody red color (yum!)

*Now you can enjoy them in shot format, using normal or large sized shot glasses. Pour them from the bowl into the shot glasses. This drink recipe sounds insane, and it does take some getting used too, but after awhile it may very well become your favorite drink recipe from Costa Rica.

*You can use salt on your shot glass rim or hand before taking the shot as well.

Give it a try and tell your friends that you heard about this from The Costa Rica Star.
Please drink responsibly and obviously 18 years plus only.

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