Jacó, Costa Rica Site of First Electric Car Charging Station on the Pacific Coast

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Monday at the Jacó Walk shopping center, the first recharging center for electric vehicles was inaugurated in Costa Rica’s Pacific region.

Jacó Beach, a town about an hour and a half from San José the Central Pacific coast, is expected to receive increased development in the next few years. The town is now out and ahead of the pack on green energy with this joint program of the Costa Rican and South Korea governments, which now has three such charging stations in the country.

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) is also in the forefront of the conversion to sustainable energy with plans to acquire a fleet of 100 electric vehicles to reduce their fossil fuel consumption.

The initiative, implemented by the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) in cooperation with the Advanced Institute of Science and Technology of South Korea (KAIST), uses equipment donated by the South Korean government.

“I thank the authorities and those responsible for promoting the green country we want, and in particular, for having chosen the canton of Garabito for this project. We are starting to write a new chapter of our history,” said Damaris Arriola, deputy mayor of Garabito, where Jacó is located.

The other two recharge stations installed by ICE are at Sabana Norte, in front of the institution’s current headquarters, and at Plaza Real, Alajuela. Use of such stations, which draw on the country’s over 90 percent sustainable electric grid, currently is free of charge.

At present, the country has 16 such recharging stations. ICE and its subsidiary, the Fuerza and Luz Company, administer five of them.

 “We are preparing to announce a bid open to companies who wish to install stations on the main roads throughout the national territory,” said Manuel Balmaceda, director of Electrical Distribution and Marketing for ICE.

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