Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica Has New Universal Trail

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The Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, Puntarenas, the most visited National park in Costa Rica, has a new universal trail sponsored by the Costa Rica Electricity Institute (ICE).

“El Manglar” (The Mangrove) is the name of the new elevated trail that has a length of 784 meters (2,572 feet) and is 2.4 meters wide (7.87 feet); it was built over a mangrove, hence the name, in an area of the park that wasn’t accessible to the tourists in the past and which leads to Espadilla Sur Beach and connects with other existing trails.

The new trail was built and donated by the Engineering and Construction department of ICE and it complies with Law 7600 (Equal Opportunities Law for People with Disabilities) and has 10 bays that have information in braille language that describes the characteristics and attractions of each area of the park.

In the past few months the Manuel Antonio National Park has received several improvements that aim to offer better conditions to the more than 440 thousand visitors it gets every year.

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