Microsoft Will Relocate Costa Rica Operations to Technology City in San Jose

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Microsoft is the first company that has confirmed it will be relocating its Costa Rica facilities to the “technological city” in San Jose, project that is being promoted by the Municipality of San Jose.

Microsoft will be unifying its sales, operations and customer service business units and will install in a 21-floor tower that is being built in La Sabana, where the Universal store used to be.

The tower, under the name “Universal Tower” is being developed by Portfolio Inmobiliario with the participation of Grupo Universal and represents an investment of over $50 million and an area of 31.500 square meters (339,063 sq. ft.), the construction is planned for 2019-2020.
The Technological City is the Municipality’s initiative to promote the capital’s potential, reconverting it socially and economically, contributing to strengthen the city with the attraction of new investments in the technological, financial and services sectors. It is only one part of what will be the Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE), a technology district that will encompass the surroundings of 31 neighborhoods located along the railroad that goes from Pavas to Plaza Gonzalez Viquez.

Cisco is also expected to install in this location developing a regional cybersecurity laboratory.

Microsoft expects to generate between 500-1000 jobs.

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