Study Reveals Materials Being Used on Road to Monteverde are Not the Quality Agreed to in the Contract

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The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LanammeUCR) presented a report warning that the materials being used for the construction of national route 606 to Monteverde “do not comply with the technical specifications established in the contract”.

LanammeUCR completed a series of studies and laboratory tests that detected the breach in the agreement and therefore immediately presented the preliminary report LM-PI-UGERVN-2018. At this point the material has been used on over two kilometers of the the 17.5 km (11.2 miles) which also needs to be paved  from Guacimal to Santa Elena.

The neighbors of the area had been raising their concerns for weeks about the bad quality material of the road, since they claimed that same material was used before for other works in the area and has never lasted or had a good results.

This road has been in the plans for decades and for different reasons throughout the various governments the promise to fix it has never been fulfilled. The National Roadways Council (CONAVI) finally assigned the construction of this road about a year ago, during the past administration to Grupo Orosi with a cost of almost $12 million USD.

“We are filing a timely report to warn about the incompliance of some of the materials that are being used in the project with the intention that the Administration takes the necessary actions to guarantee the quality of the materials used on this road and assure in the long term the good performance of the road”, stated Engineer Roy Barrantes, coordinator of the Management and Evaluation Unit of the National Road Program of Transportation Infrastructure of LanammeUCR.

LanammeUCR is in charge of auditing the project, but CONAVI is in charge of the administration of the same.

The materials that do not comply with the quality are being used for the sub-base and stabilizing base of the road. The company is using material extracted from the same road in kilometer 13 and treated to be used as the sub-base and base apparently with the authorization of CONAVI. Some days back it also came out that the company hired for the works holds debts with Treasury.

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