Top 10 Tours for Families Visiting Los Sueños Costa Rica

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Located in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Los Sueños Resort and Marina is known as one of the premier vacation and retirement spots in the Americas. Although this world-class resort is mostly known for its luxury accommodations, spectacular golf course and legendary offshore fishing charters, families are known to take advantage of Los Sueños house rentals as their launching pad for exploring the many wonders and treasures Costa Rica has to offer.

Once your family is comfortably settled in at one of the hundreds of luxurious villas in Los Sueños, you can immediately start planning your Costa Rica adventure. Here are 10 tour packages that families staying at Los Sueños have been known to enjoy in recent years:

Offshore Fishing

This is a highly recommended activity for families regardless of their angling experience. The charter fleets that serve Los Sueños are known for their passion and professionalism. Getting to the spots where large species such as marlin and sailfish bite does not require a long boat ride.

Inshore Fishing

If you want to ensure that all members of your family have the opportunity to pull up fish during their spring break vacation, you may want to schedule inshore fishing session instead of going offshore; besides, lots of edible species can be found near the shore in case you want to arrange a meal to be prepared by a local seafood chef.

Surfing Lessons

From Playa Herradura to Playa Jacó and from Playa Hermosa to Esterillos, your family can enjoy some of the best surf breaks in the world while staying at Los Sueños Resort.

Crocodile Sighting Tours

There is a special river spot not far from the Los Sueños Resort villas and condos that has been featured numerous times on NatGeo, Animal Planet and on countless videos filmed by tourists and uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. The Tarcoles River starts off as mountain springs just south of the country’s Central Range and it flows through the Greater San Jose Metropolitan Area before reaching the Pacific Ocean. A bridge close to the resort is located right above a sandy stretch of riverbank where dozens of large crocodiles enjoy gather to enjoy the sun.

ATV Adventures

Taking your family on an off-road trip through the mountainous forests of Costa Rica could very well be the highlight of your spring break vacation. Depending on the course your family chooses to explore, your ATV ride may take you along the beach, through the forest or up the mountains.

The Lively and Active Arenal Volcano

This is one of the most popular tourism activities in Costa Rica, a country that is known for its volcanic activity. Over the last few years, the Arenal volcano has been offering plenty of fireworks with smoke and ash columns that often light up the night sky. This pristine region of Costa Rica is filled with visitor attractions.

Isla Tortuga

This Pacific island is blessed with dazzling white sands that feel like sugar to the touch. Tortuga Island seems small when you see it from aboard a Maverick or Costa Rica Dreams yacht, but your perception will change once you hit the network of nature trails.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Ranked as one of the most accessible and family-friendly parks in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio is located about an hour south of Los Sueños, and it is one of the best day trips you book during your stay. Be sure to bring swimsuits to enjoy the tranquil beach located right inside the park.

Canopy/ Zip Lining Tour

You don’t have to travel far from Los Sueños to get really close to the arboreal creatures of Costa Rica; zip-line canopy tours are among the most traditional tourism activities of this country, and they are perfect for families.

Whitewater Rafting Tours

There are many ways to explore Costa Rica, but one of the best ways to for the adventerous family is to book a whitewater rafting excursion, which are offered by various tourism providers such as HRG Vacations and Rentals that serve guests and residents of Los Sueños. To make your whitewater rafting experience even better, ask your guide to arrange a picnic lunch.

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