Two American Tourist Rescued In Area of the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica

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Two American tourists that had gone missing since Saturday evening were finally rescued by Costa Rican firefighters and rescue team.

The alert came in on Saturday that two tourists from the United States were visiting the area and following one of the trails (Los Tucanes) in the Arenal Volcano National Park, apparently they lost their way at some point or wandered off the trail.

On Saturday, the search was suspended at 11 p.m., and resumed on the early hours of Sunday after hours of hard work by the rescue team, they were able to locate them and get them out safely.

“The rescue work was complicated because of the harsh weather conditions; however, we were able to find them and after an evaluation of their conditions we were able to extract them”, explained Kenneth Lazo, member of the specialized unit of the Fire Department.

Despite the numerous warnings to tourists not to adventure on their own in the National Parks specially when the weather conditions are harsh, it is common that these warnings are disregarded.

Back in November, 2017 a group of four tourists had to be rescued after taking a clandestine trail to reach the crater of the volcano, in that occasion, a landslide caused the emergency leaving one of the tourists with a fractured clavicle.

Authorities call on national and foreign tourists to respect the restricted areas and not adventure on their own in an area they are not familiar with. Search and rescue missions consume important resources and endanger the lives of the members of the teams.

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