Wisconsin Foundation Offers ‘Bird Conservation Boot Camp’ in Monteverde, Costa Rica

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The Wisconsin-based Natural Resources Foundation announced a new offering for adventurous travelers.

In March 2018 the non-profit educational group will run a “Bird Conservation Boot Camp” in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

The week-long educational course will be led by conservation biologist, Craig Thompson, and will be held at University of Georgia at Athens field station in the San Luis Valley adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

In the crash course, participants will learn to census and band birds, explore local habitats, and more.

More than half of Wisconsin’s 235 bird species spend the Northern hemisphere winter in Latin America, many using Costa Rica as a warm stop on their journey.

“Many of our most beloved species are declining as habitats on both ends of their hemispheric ranges are lost or degraded. Protecting birds with far flung geographies requires strategies that span continents. The trip is an educational course focused on migratory bird ecology and conservation, with special emphasis on Wisconsin’s migratory birds in Costa Rica,” said the foundation.

Course topics include basic identification and taxonomy, migration fundamentals, breeding and wintering habitat ecology, factors influencing bird populations, and conservation strategies.

Mornings will be spent in the field exploring local habitats for migratory and resident birds.

Afternoons will include a mix of lectures and fun, interactive activities designed to enhance participant’s understanding of bird ecology and conservation.

The course will be rounded out with night hikes, a shade coffee plantation tour, and exploration of the world-renowned Monteverde Reserve.

All bird lovers are welcome. No expertise needed! The cost of the trip, which does not include airfare, is US$1,195.

Registration deadline is September 1, 2017.

Interested participants may contact Outreach Coordinator Michelle Milford directly: [email protected].


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