Minister of Environment Refers to Discovery Costa Rica Project

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Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment, Edgar Gutiérrez Espeleta referred to the Discovery Costa Rica project to be developed in Liberia, Guanacaste in a press release:

The environmental element is a fundamental part of these types of projects. Our country has proudly opted for some time now for a model of development in harmony with the environment, and thanks to this, our biggest wealth is precisely the conservation of our nature. The Costa Rican population can be sure that we will not risk our natural resources or the well-being of the communities; they can also be sure that this project will go through the most rigorous environmental controls that will give us certainty of all its implications.

This country is vigilant that things are done properly in the environmental aspect. We are too. You can trust that things are being done right and will continue to be done right.

The project Discovery Costa Rica inserts itself in our sustainable development style. The first condition of the same is that it has to stick to Costa Rica’s environmental norms. In this we will be strict. Discovery Costa Rica already has the environmental viability for its first stage of development, if modifications or extensions are needed they will be done under the rigour required .

An evident topic of concern is the water. If there has been an Administration concerned about the availability of water resources, is precisely this one. We have not just given a battle to approve new water legislation, but also, one of our main projects was the execution of the Comprehensive Program of Water Supply for Guanacaste (PIAAG), which has advanced enormously in assuring water for human consumption for this province and organizing water management in the area.

This project will not present a risk to the water supply of any community. It gets its supply from drilled wells already in that property, with the proper permits and authorization of AYA and Senara, and without prejudice of other sources destined for human consumption. We can have the certainty that the water supply sources of this project are independent of the sources that feed the communities.

In the frame of the PIAAG, the Government has improved substantially the water infrastructure with 14 projects in Guanacaste, with the development of state-of-the-art technology for the use and reuse of waters and we have a process of re-adaptation of permits that hope to further organize the management of water in the region. The water supply in Guanacaste is a priority for the Government and we will work every day to execute more projects that continue to guarantee the availability of water for human consumption primarily but also for irrigation and other productive uses.

The Discover Costa Rica project does not only fit within the model of sustainable development, but it also reinforces it. We are talking about the design of a true recreational and environmentally sustainable ecosystem that hopes to attract rural tourism, ecotourism, and highlight the cultural scenic and landscape advantages of our country. A project that expects to attract the tourist that enjoys nature and sustainable activities while at the same time enjoys the cultural offers of the communities that surround these natural landscapes.

We are satisfied of being part of this great project that marks a new paradigm: the generation of employment and economic development in total harmony with the environment. We are not talking about a Water Park or an amphitheater. We are offering Costa Rica and the world a new model of recreation, sustained in the wealth of our ecosystems that we hope serves as an example of sustainable development for all countries.

This country will demonstrate, once again, that here things can be done differently and can be done right!

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